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AJ+ is commissioning original, innovative and engaging short documentaries from journalists, filmmakers and production companies around the world. We’re looking for stories driven by strong characters, compelling voices and narratives, and unique insights into events and issues that may be local but resonate globally.

Stories should be current but not necessarily tied to current events. We’re also looking for pitches that address technology, sports, science, culture, the human condition and the passions that drive us.

Your initial pitch should be no more than a page in length and include:

  • How you would describe this story in a Tweet. 140 characters max.
  • A succinct synopsis that describes the heart of your story and why it matters to a youthful and global audience, as well as any unique access you have. This is the most important part of the pitch. No more than 150 words, please.
  • A paragraph that traces the narrative arc of the piece.
  • The key character(s) and the access you have to them, as well as any additional voices that will help tell the story
  • The locations and actuality integral to the story and the access you have to them
  • The format in which you plan to film or otherwise tell the story, and a note on visual style.
  • Any technical issues you foresee
  • An answer to the question: What audiences or communities might be particularly to share or engage with this doc on a mobile platform?
  • Links to a rough cut (if it exists) or any other relevant visual material
  • Names of key team members and their track records, and links to films they’ve produced or shot
  • Complete contact information

Please send us your pitches: AJPlus-Pitches@aljazeera.net. We look forward to hearing from you

We are hiring.